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Video Deposition Process

  • California Code of Civil Procedure Section 2025 compliant
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4) compliant
  • Standard Deposition Video Practices
    • Test video and audio signals prior to every recording
    • Fixed focal-length view of deponent at all times
    • Creation of simultaneous audio tape for court reporter
    • Record date and time code overlay at bottom of screen
    • Record introduction at beginning of deposition
      • Date and location of deposition
      • Witness' full name
      • Party on who's behalf deposition
      • Full case caption
      • Court in which action is filed
      • Docket number of action
      • Name of videographer and court reporter
    • Counsel for parties identify themselves on tape
    • Oath administered to depondent on tape
    • Record volume, witness name and time on each tape
    • Record "on record" and "off record" when occurs
    • Maintain running index of all events stored with tape
      • Start and stop of videotape and deposition
      • Start of direct and cross-examinations
      • Objections
      • On record" and "Off record"
      • Run time of each video tape
    • Label each video tape as follows
      • Original or duplicate
      • Date of deposition
      • Number of volumes in series
      • Approximate run time of entire deposition
      • Abbreviated caption
      • Name of witness
  • Remain neutral to the interests of all parties at all times
  • Certify each copy of the original video(s)
  • Maintain a log of every copy and distribution of the DVD(s)
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