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Video Depositions - Completed by Legal Video Specialist following State and Federal Rules of Civil Procedures and by law is always a disinterested third party to the action. Our equipment and procedures are all broadcast quality, including individual lavaliere microphones for the best audio. As a standard practice each deposition video includes backup recordings on separate video and audio recorders to ensure redundancy and the highest quality product. Date and time codes are always recorded and displayed at the bottom of every deposition video.


Video and Transcript Synchronization - The video and audio recorded during a deposition is synchronized with the typed court reporter's transcript onto a computer CD. Using the included free viewer, counsel is able to watch the video while reading the transcript. By entering key words or phrases, it is possible to find and jump to any part of the deposition. Once the critical parts of the testimony are found, the clips can be exported and viewed separately, emailed to colleagues, and imported into Powerpoint presentations.


Day-in-the-Life Documentaries - A documentary production, which outlines a typical day-in-the-life of a plaintiff who has sustained injuries resulting in a significant impact on day-to-day activities. These videos highlight in real terms the full impact of an injury and are becoming a very necessary tool for presenting the plaintiff's damages to opposing counsel, the court and to the jury.


Settlement Brochures - This is a comprehensive summary of the plaintiff's case typically used in catastrophic personal injury and death cases. These videos are professionally scripted and may include actual TV news footage, accident scene recreation, interviews with doctors and other expert witnesses who can assess the lifetime financial impact to the plaintiff. They also include Day-in-the-Life footage and are created to deliver strong emotional impact that encourages insurance adjusters and opposing counsel to settle the case prior to trial.


Site Inspections - A video record of before and after conditions at a construction site is vital for liability protection for developers, builders and contractors. These videos can be used by a builder to show that a job was completed according to specification, or used by the developer to show that a job was not completed according to specification. A video record of the construction site made by a disinterested 3rd party professional videographer is the best way to document either situation.


Living Wills - More estate planners are encouraging clients to create a video of their Last Will and Testament. The person states their intentions before their attorney and witness on camera. Often the attorney will ask the person various questions with respect to their will and the documents are finally signed in front of the camera. The Living Will video is retained with the signed Will documents.


Accident Reconstruction - These videos are very useful in providing all parties with a more accurate understanding of an accident's details. Either side can use these videos to reinforce or highlight a particular point of their case. The video is shot on location at the same time of day as the original accident to capture the best reproduction of the actual event.


Visual Evidence - A video is used as a supplement to photographs when a 2 dimensional print does not capture the best record of the evidence. These videos serve as an archive for complex cases where evidence storage and re-inspection are not readily accessible by multiple parties to the case.


Insurance Documentation - Similar to photographs used to document your property, an on-site video captures multiple angles of any item and is easier to view. This is commonly used for large and expensive property and can include aerial video of buildings, construction sites or other real estate.


Product Testing/Demonstration - Either side in a product related case can use this type of video to demonstrate the actual utilization of a key exhibit. These videos are very useful in a trial presentation, as time may not allow the jury to witness the actual demonstration of the item. The defense may also utilize these videos to show thoroughly their product has been tested and to demonstrate the performance under typical circumstances.


Witness Preparation - In difficult cases an attorney may desire to have a witness practice their testimony for both direct and cross-examination. By viewing a video of their responses, many witnesses are better able to understand their presentation and their attorney's suggestions.


Digital Editing and Duplication - A state of the art digital editing studio provides the highest quality non-linear digital editing and duplication services at an economical price. No job is too large or too small, and each project is custom developed and personalized according to the client's intentions.


Secured Video Archiving - All legal videos are securely archived indefinitely or for six months after the final Deposition of the case. At any time up until the final Deposition of the case, any party to the case can request to have a copy of any video related to the case, as long as either the court or both sides have agreed to the distribution.

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