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Synchronization of Video with Transcript

Since most attorneys have access to computers, many request that the deposition video is delivered on either CD or DVD format. Now it is possible to take the video deposition one step further by synchronizing it with the printed transcript from the court reporter. By synchronizing the video and the transcript, attorneys can have searchable video and text files that can be used to find all sections of the deposition that contain any key words or phrases. The synched video and transcript is delivered on a computer CD and a free viewer is included on each CD. The viewer package also includes the ability to create clips from the original deposition and save them to individual files. These clips can be used to create a summary of the important parts of the deposition and emailed to co-counsel, experts and others. Additionally, the clips can be imported into a Powerpoint presentation and used in Closing Statements.

Sample synchronized video and transcript in free viewer

Another advantage is the synchronized video and transcript file can be imported into a popular trial management software packages, such as Sanction and Trial Director. These software packages provide a full suite of case management features. It has become increasingly difficult to digest and manage large numbers of exhibits, depositions and other important case materials in complex legal cases. Many attorneys now employ these new powerful trial presentation tools to display, blow up and highlight key exhibits and play critical deposition testimony as video with synchronized text.

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