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Trial Support

  • Pre-Trial Period

    • The pre-trial phase includes the preparation of trial ready exhibits, depositions and demonstratives
    • Deposition video clips are reviewed and finalized at this time
    • Creation and population of the trial presentation case (Sanction - Trial Director)
    • Acquisition of high speed internet line for War Room
    • Staging, transport, installation and testing of War Room equipment
    • Staging and testing of court room equipment
    • Preparation of demonstrative exhibits
    • Development of Opening PowerPoint presentation, if required

  • Trial Period

    • This phase begins with the establishment of the War Room
    • Installation and setup of court room equipment
    • Trial Presentation of the evidence commences
    • Work each evening to preview any exhibits that could be used for witnesses scheduled for the next day
    • Review and fine tune any deposition clips as needed
    • Begin work on the closing PowerPoint presentation with the trial attorney

  • Post Trial Period

    • Removal of courtroom and war room equipment
    • Deliver backup the entire trial presentation case to the attorney if case is appealed

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